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[Interview by Daniel Miltz, Editor at Miltz Boxing News-January 4, 2014]   Recently, raconteur boxing journalist and illustrious sports photographer Pattee Mak signed a lucrative contract deal with singer/songwriter- hip-hop artist Kriss Famouss out of Springfield, Massachusetts.…. If many in the boxing world don't know, Kriss Famouss, a short time ago- released his hottest record release labeled “Bout That Life”. Most segments of his cinematographic were shot at a working boxing gym.

So to start this interview, I'll be talking to the vivacious vocalist songster Kriss Famouss.

First of all --Check out his music boxing:
MBN: Hi Kriss, thank you for taking the time to interview with Miltz Boxing News.

KF: Know problem it’s my pleasure. 
MBN: Tell me a little about yourself and what you do?

KF: Well I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts...oldest of four siblings, I lived in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Connecticut and Massachusetts. I’m a very motivated independent Rap artist on the rise looking to take my career to the highest level and hopefully expand into clothing, acting and creating a better environment for the youth of my city, by building more community centers, art centers, basketball courts and more.
MBN: When did you first get into the business [and/or] what first got you interested in making your own Hip-Hop?

KF: I first got into music around the age of 17...didn’t start trying to really make it a career or lifestyle until about the age of 24/25. My childhood friends were really into it young and inspired me to get into it more.

MBN: How did you and the darling of the press photographer (Pattee Mak) get together?

KF: The lovely Pattee Mak showed up to one of my video shoots, and after the shoot was finished she came up to me and introduced herself more and told me I was doing a great job and then she started asking me all of these questions and I replied:  ''You should be my manager" lol! - and the rest was! - yea, so she pretty much became my manager the first day we met, after a meeting or two.
MBN: What made you decide to select Pattee as your overseer?

KF: Just her ambition and her drive, she is the perfect piece of the puzzle that was needed to be placed in my life.
MBN: Pattee Mak is a sweetheart and has a friendly, whimsical spirit to her. Do you feel this will be a positive or negative approach to negotiating contacts for you?

KF: Yes she is, most definitely a positive, she is a nonstop go-getter and in the words of Pattee Mak, "God always has a plan."
MBN: So who was your first inspiration in your musical career?

KF: My mother and my father ....They were a rap group back in the early 80's and I watched them work on there music almost every day, up until the day my father passed away at the age of 24.

 MBN: Which artists do you most admire or look up to now?

KF: Jay Z, 50 Cent, Yo Gotti, and any artist that is more then just a artist but also a great businessman.
MBN: What draws you to Hip-Hop in the first place?

KF: I was born in the culture, growing up hip-hop was the new hot thing, and I was surrounded by it all day, everyday, from my mom and dad, to my uncles, my neighborhood, TV etc....
MBN: What stages are in your writing process to produce the kind of artistry that you expound on?

KF: First I choose a beat that goes with what type of mood I’m in.  Then I sit with the beat and just listen to what the beat is trying to say and put myself in the producers seat when he was making the beat to get his vibe and his feel for what he wanted to get out, I feel like every instrumental tells a story and once you find the story all you needs is the words to it.
MBN: Do you think this genre will last or will people tire of it?

KF: Hip-Hop isn’t going anywhere for a very long time......they said it wouldn’t last at first and its still going’s apart of everything now....from cartoons to commercials on TV and all.
MBN: Since there are so many great street hip hoppers, what determines who gets to the top?

KF: It’s really all on the people and who you know. Who you know will get you there and the people will decide how long you stay.
MBN: Today’s music is about alliances-- what "hot" rapper out there now, you would love to work with on a project?

KF: I would have to say the artists who I named, I like working with artist or people that can teach me something.  I don’t know. I’m always willing to learn and take advice.
MBN: Who are some of the best Hip Hop Artists out there today?


MBN: What is your favorite album of all time?

KF: Biggie Smalls - READY TO DIE.
MBN: What is your ultimate goal at the end of your career?

KF: To be the greatest I can be and what God allows me to be, in every area in my life, not only as an artist but as a father, a man, a friend and as a person over all! I also hope to inspire others and change the life of misguided teens.

MBN: Where do you see your working relationship with You & Pattee Mak in the near future?

KF: Me & Pattee are very much alike but from two different worlds, so its like  opposites attract kinda thing and we are both just enjoying the ride....I think we will be good for a very long time. 
MBN: You recently released your latest song “Bout that Life”. Portions were shot in a boxing gym. Tell me about that experience!  

KF: That experience was amazing, scary and challenging ...I’m so anal about being perfect and wanting things to come out rite, so I’m always worried and checking to make sure things are on point, and first time doing something like that you never know...but it came out great and now its on to the next challenge.
MBN: Any future boxing video/avenues in the works?

KF: Hopefully, I have something in mind but I never really like to let the cat out of the bag to early, lol!
MBN: We see that Rapper, actor, entrepreneur, investor (Curtis James Jackson III) 50 Cent is now a boxing promoter. Have you been to any of his shows or thought about following in his footsteps and promote boxing shows?

KF: I haven’t been yet but me & Pattee Mak are working on it, I would love to follow in the footsteps of 50 Cent and get into promoting boxing ...soon as I get 50 Cent kind of money, lol!....but it will come. 
MBN: Thank you again, Kriss, for taking the time for this exclusive interview. It was an extreme pleasure conversing with you about the joys of your life.

KF: Anytime ... I appreciate it and enjoyed the interview!
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twitter @krissfamouss.
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Youtube channel is “Famoussworld” aka “Kriss FamoussTV”.

This interview was via Miltz Boxing News.

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Daniel Miltz was born in Downriver Detroit, Michigan and now resides in Methuen, Massachusetts, twenty five miles north of Boston.  He is the 'Editor/Writer' for Miltz Boxing News and contributes his journalistic writing expertise to many general & related boxing forums.

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