February 13, 2014 – Springfield, Massachusetts]  Calling all hip-hop, wrestling, boxing fans and everyone in between.  NEFW (New England Frontier Wrestling) returns once again to their stomping ground at the Chicopee Boys and Girls Club on Saturday, February 22, 2014 for some exciting head to head, toe to toe wrestling entertainment action entitled “Roses & Wristlocks 3!!”. But wait. You are probably thinking… what does that have to do with hip-hop and Kriss Famouss?  Are you hoping he’d put on a mask and become a good guy in the ring or maybe toss someone over a table and do his Kriss Famouss move the “Famouss Beat Down”? Ha ha ha.. Get it Beat Down.  But no, Famouss will not be in tights that night. Instead straight out of a video production of all historic ring entrances he’ll be escorting Robert “The Bean” Mancini, The Pride of West Springfield into the ring.


Pattee Mak: Your ring walk next Saturday will be with no other than local hip-hop artist Kriss Famouss.  How important is the music/performer ring walk to you?


Mancini: It’s very important to me.  I couldn’t come out to just any music.  This is what’s going to get me pump up before my big win.   When I heard Famouss’ song I knew I wanted him to walk me out.


Pattee Mak: Last year you wrote the lyrics and produced the boxing video “Bout That Life”.  Next Saturday, you’ll be walking the ring walk with 3x celebrity boxing champ into the ring. Back in November 2013 I asked you, “Would you consider walking a fighter down to the ring and rapping this song as their intro?” You stated “Most definitely. I would bring excitement to any arena while pumpin up their fans. Besides that is the ultimate excitement. So many fans love the ring intro. It prepares the fighter mentally and puts the fighter in the place he needs to be.” Now that moment has arrived. Next Saturday… Your thoughts?


Famouss: Yes I wanted to thank Mancini and NEFW for giving me the opportunely to perform.  This will be an experience I will never forget.  I grew up watching wrestling and boxing and although I never seen Mancini box before I’m juiced up to attend this event and looking forward to seeing Mancini’s win.  And ya never know I’ve been known to crack a chair over someone’s head from time to time. So watch out come the 22nd.


Pattee Mak:  This is the 2nd time you will be having Robert “The Bean” Mancini on your card and the first time Famouss will be on hand at one of your events. Tell me how can someone obtain tickets if they wanted to go or find out more about your wrestling event?


ERIC NEWTON:  Tickets will be available at the door starting at 5:30 p.m. on the day of the show.  NEFW Pro Wrestling is excited to have Famouss on our show. It’s not only our goal to provide the fans with great wrestling but great entertainment as a whole.  Music and Wrestling have a great history together dating back to the 80's Rock'n Wrestling era to the current modern era. It’s a winning combination! NEFW welcomes Bob "Bean" Mancini and Hip Star Famouss to NEFW Pro Wrestling Family.  All info can be obtained by contacting me at stonevelvetroses@aol.com or by visiting www.NEFWProWrestling.com.


Other matches of the evening:


Tag Team Special Attraction Lineage:  (Chris Envy & Furio Falcone) vs. NEFW Champion "Dirt Dawg" Jeremy Leary & Former WWE Superstar Matt Striker


Fatal 4-Way Match for the NEFW US TITLE: JT Dunn vs. Dave Cole vs. AJ Cruise vs. Anthony Gangone.


NEFW #1 Contenders Match for Heavyweight Title: Mark Shurman vs. Mike Nice w/Fenris Fortune


Lucha Libre Highlight Match:  Smiley vs. Latin Dragon


No Limits Title Match:  Marq Quen vs. David Starr vs. Mike Graca vs. Kris Pyro


Tag Team Match: The Mac & “The Blue Chip” Scotty McNair with KIX 100.9 DJ Shaggy and Mecca vs. Wulfgar and Zachary Pierre Beaulieu with DG Haven.


Also on hand will be: Billy King, Andy Sweet, Jimmy Meaz, The Brothers of Morality, Shady, Joseph J. Alexander and many more.


(All bouts subject to change).

To interview Kriss Famouss:  KFbookings@yahoo.com

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Comment by Kriss Famouss on March 6, 2014 at 12:19pm

I just wanted to thank Robert "The Bean" Mancini and NEFW for allowing me to be a part of your show.  I look forward to the Beat Down at the next event.

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